Human Rights Without Frontiers

Survey on the state of Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) worldwide

The survey is part of a planning grant from the Templeton Religion Trust - Call for participation

The survey, which should only take 15 minutes to complete, is divided into multiple parts, covering:

  1. Government restrictions on religion and social hostilities involving religion.
  2. Social, cultural, and economic issues and whether religious freedom/FORB can be promoted through joint initiatives (e.g., Religious Freedom & Business Foundation).
  3. Your thoughts on the efficacy of multi-faith-and-belief IRF/FORB Roundtables in advancing religious freedom/FORB in your country and region.
  4. Your thoughts on "Conventional Pluralism", defined as the obligation, responsibility, and intentional pledge to engage based on respect and protection of the other's liberty of conscience. More than tolerance, covenantal pluralism entails the responsibility to engage, respect, and protect people of all faiths, and people of no faith, without necessarily lending moral equivalency to their beliefs and behavior.
  5. Finally, your thoughts on other key concepts, such as “Human Dignity, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms” being useful frameworks for religious freedom/FORB.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary and your responses will be kept confidential. You are not required to answer any question, but we do ask at the start that you identify the country for which you are basing your responses. Also, other information we ask at the conclusion of the survey about your organization's work is very helpful in mapping the array of people and organizations engaged in advancing religious freedom/FORB worldwide.


The survey is part of a planning grant from the Templeton Religion Trust and will be used to solicit information and advice on the best ways to reverse the rising tide of restrictions on and hostilities involving religion.

Our aim is to gather information by surveying at least 1,000 current and former government leaders and parliamentarians, faith and civil society leaders, experts in the fields of religion, religious literacy, freedom of religion or belief, security, counterterrorism, peacebuilding, and international and economic development, including sector-specific experts from business, education, and healthcare.

We are looking for your ideas on the "how-to" of cooperative engagement and coordination of actions across the global networks of religious freedom roundtables, governments, parliamentarians, and societal sectors such as business. Thank you for your help in advancing international religious freedom!

Warm regards,

Brian Grim, Ph.D. 
President, Religious Freedom & Business Foundation
Executive Director, IRF Business Roundtable

Greg Mitchell 
Chair, IRF Secretariat and IRF Roundtable

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